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Body Modification

Bottled Water Ad

Magic Tricks Performed by a Depressed Magician

  • Saws picture of ex wife in half.
  • Turns one ball into suicide note.
  • Pulls incredibly long handkerchief out of mouth and then weeps into it uncontrollably.
  • Guesses audience member’s card is stupid and pointless.
  • Pulls rabbit from hat, locks rabbit in box and then never speaks to it again.
  • Swallows sword, followed by gun barrel.
  • Wraps self in straight-jacket and is lowered into glass of whiskey.
  • Causes smiles to vanish.

Space and the Y-Axis

As seen on the front page of Reddit

In the Star Trek universe, when one space faring race encounters another they always have at least one thing in common: both their ships are oriented the same way vis a vis up/down. But space has no objective up/down axis. Nonetheless, when the Enterprise runs into some Romulans it looks like this:

But it’s just as likely the two ships would encounter each other as such:

This could cause some confusion.

The only way to explain why different star ships always meet each other right side up is to postulate some sort of galactic standard. But this wouldn’t explain all the alien civilizations the Enterprise discovers that also fly at the same angle. This could have made for great story lines where alien races are offended by the upside down approach of the enterprise.

However, it bears mentioning that at least one species is an exception to this phenomenon.

No one can upside down the borg

Because of their simple ship design the Borg cannot be flanked, dropped onto or attacked from behind. The Borg have assimilated all three spatial dimensions into their ship design and they always appear right side up.

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Reasons Your Robot Son is Better Than Your Biological Son

  • You only have to tell him once
  • He can transform into a Television and watch himself
  • You don’t have to take him to Disneyland to see his face light up
  • He’s not dying of cancer
  • His nose is a button and if you push it he will smile
  • He beat your real son to death in unarmed combat
  • You don’t have to go to his soccer games because he streams them to your phone
  • Flame decals on abdomen
  • When his birthday approaches you can set his clock back another month
  • You can always send him back